Samsung Chromebook Unboxing

While we are a few days away from launching the offical shows as we are waiting on some gear to tie the Chromebook into the Tricaster we did a quick unboxing recording of the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook today.

I will have a lot more for your shortly, but here is a couple of things we noticed right off the bat. The Samsung Chromebook has trouble connecting to some Wifi connections. We also received an immediate update to Chrome which took about 15 minutes to load.

Verizons mobile plans for this device run $9.95 per gb on a monthly plan. Here is the unboxing sorry for the screen glare we will get it dialed in when we patch it directly to the tricater and get a HD recording on all demos.

The Chrome Show Coming Soon!

The First Episode of The Chrome Show a Podcast all about ChromeOS will kick off sometime within the next couple of weeks. Hosted by Todd Cochrane the creator of the Geek News Central Podcast